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What Makes My Heart Pump?

The heart pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout our bodies to keep all of our systems running and functioning properly. It beats without our awareness, so we can often take the work that this organ does for us for granted. If the… - By Buckeye Heart Team


What Is Nuclear Cardiology?

A cardiologist treats disorders and conditions related to a patient’s heart and blood vessels. Various imaging technology exists to aid doctors in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases, including nuclear medicine. This type of diagnostic tool uses minute amounts of radioactive material, called… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Why Do I Need Imaging for My Veins?

Many individuals have experienced an ultrasound, a diagnostic imaging exam that allows medical professionals to view the inside of the body by converting sound waves aimed at designated areas into 3D images. There are many uses for this type of… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Life After a Heart Attack

A heart attack is a medical emergency in which an inadequate amount of blood flows to the heart. The condition can be fatal without prompt treatment, but when a patient recovers, they could be at risk of another attack without… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Treating Congestive Heart Failure

If your heart can no longer supply blood throughout your body effectively, your doctor will diagnose you with congestive heart failure. This condition is severe and considered a medical emergency that requires prompt intervention from a medical professional. Though heart… - By Buckeye Heart Team


What to Expect from an Echocardiogram

If you or your doctor have concerns about the health of your heart, a medical professional will recommend diagnostic testing to evaluate potential issues. Based on the results, a cardiovascular specialist can recommend treatment. Echo testing, also known as an… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Are Varicose Veins a Health Risk?

Varicose veins are veins that become enlarged and appear highly visible against the skin. Commonly, they form in the legs, but they may also appear in other places in your body. While the condition may feel uncomfortable, varicose veins do… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Why Do I Need a Stress Test?

If you experience symptoms, such as an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, or chest pain, your cardiovascular doctor may suggest an exercise stress test. This test is a diagnostic tool that analyzes the heart during physical activity to determine if… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Sleep Apnea and Heart Health

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the muscles and tissue at the back of a patient’s throat collapse during sleep and obstruct the airway for a brief period of time. While the episode itself is usually not life-threatening, the… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Types of Heart Valve Disease

The heart has four valves that consist of flaps of tissue that prevent the backflow of blood into or out of the chambers of the heart. It is possible for these valves to deteriorate due to age or health risk… - By Buckeye Heart Team