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Angioplasty vs Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery disease refers to the build-up of fatty deposits called plaque within the arteries, or main vessels that send blood throughout the body. This build-up will narrow the blood vessels, making it harder for blood to travel where needed.… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Foods That Hurt Heart Health

Your diet can significantly impact your well-being. Not only is it important to choose healthy foods to eat, but you should also know which foods and beverages could put your health at risk. Certain ingredients in your food could harm… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Early Signs of Heart Failure

Heart failure refers to a chronic medical condition in which the heart no longer functions properly. When your heart cannot pump effectively, blood cannot travel where it needs to in your body. This may lead to severe health risks that… - By Buckeye Heart Team


How Does Age Affect Heart Health?

You may have heard that an individual’s likelihood of a heart attack or other cardiovascular emergency will increase as they grow older. Understandably, you likely also wonder if this risk is due to age itself or another factor. The truth… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Types of Vascular Disease

Your body’s vascular system consists of a series of arteries, veins, and vessels that carry blood throughout the body and to and from the heart. If an issue forms in any portion of this network, doctors refer to it as… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Understanding a Stroke

About 795,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke each year. This medical emergency occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to your brain, causing a blood vessel to burst. Brain cells will die within minutes after… - By Buckeye Heart Team


What Makes My Heart Pump?

The heart pumps oxygen-rich blood throughout our bodies to keep all of our systems running and functioning properly. It beats without our awareness, so we can often take the work that this organ does for us for granted. If the… - By Buckeye Heart Team


What Is Nuclear Cardiology?

A cardiologist treats disorders and conditions related to a patient’s heart and blood vessels. Various imaging technology exists to aid doctors in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases, including nuclear medicine. This type of diagnostic tool uses minute amounts of radioactive material, called… - By Buckeye Heart Team