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What A Plant-Based Diet Can Do For Your Vascular Health

Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function in peak condition, and a plant-based diet can provide them. Eating your fruits and vegetables keeps your waistline in check, your mind clear, and can even reduce your risk of vein…


What to Know About Echocardiograms

Buckeye Heart & Vascular Institute is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our patients, and that includes educating them on important procedures like echocardiograms. Cardiovascular procedures can be scary if you’re not familiar with them, so take some time…


4 Ways to Prevent Vascular Disease

Vascular disease affects over 15 million American adults and often goes undiagnosed. Your cardiovascular system is made up of blood vessels that transport blood to and from the heart, so it’s important to keep this system in peak condition. Buckeye…


How Can I Improve My Heart Health?

There are many simple ways to keep your heart healthy and prevent long-term problems. Understanding how the heart works, and finding ways to keep it healthy, may help you improve heart health. While some cardiovascular problems are caused by hereditary…


Am I At Risk of Heart Valve Disease?

Understanding heart valve disease and its effect on cardiovascular health is important so you can get the care you need. Heart valve disease occurs when one or more of the four heart valves isn’t working properly. This can lead to…


How Congestive Heart Failure is Diagnosed

Congestive heart failure is a serious condition where the heart can not pump blood effectively. However, with the correct diagnosis, heart failure can be treated by your cardiologist. Methods for Diagnosing Congestive Heart Failure There are multiple methods that can…


What To Know About The Cardiac Ablation Procedure

What Is Arrhythmia And What Does It Do? Cardiac ablations are typically performed to address arrhythmias. A cardiac ablation scars or destroys tissue in the heart to eliminate abnormal heart rhythm. A cardiac ablation prevents abnormal electrical impulses from reaching the heart, therefore distributing the arrhythmia.…


What To Know: Nuclear Stress Test

What Is A Nuclear Stress Test? A cardiologist may perform different types of stress test to asses the condition of your heart, including a nuclear stress test. A nuclear stress test, also known as myocardial perfusion imagining, shows how well blood flows…


How is Heart Disease Diagnosed?

Heart disease is described as any condition that can affect the function, health, or overall condition of the heart. It remains one of the leading causes of death for both men and women in the United States. If you are…


Improve Your Heart Health

Understanding how the heart works and finding ways to keep it healthy may help you improve your heart health. Although certain cardiovascular issues are due to factors like genetics and family history; other times, cardiovascular issues can develop due to changeable factors like poor…