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When to Worry About a Racing Heart

Have you ever felt your heart beat faster or seem to thump harder in your chest? That sensation of a fluttering or pounding heart is known as a heart palpitation. This occurrence is often brief and harmless. It can point… - By Buckeye Heart Team


How Cholesterol Affects Heart Health

You may have heard health experts use the term “cholesterol” in relation to your cardiovascular health. But what exactly is cholesterol? It is a fat-like substance found in your blood. Your body requires some cholesterol to function properly. But if… - By Buckeye Heart Team


What Are Blood Thinners?

A blood thinner is a type of medication intended to prevent the formation of blood clots. Blood clots refer to thickened clumps of blood that pose a risk of blocking a vessel, which can lead to organ dysfunction or failure… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Do You Have Chronic Foot Pain?

Have you noticed a constant ache or pain in your feet or legs? Do you feel cramping that may initiate during physical activity and fade as you rest? Foot pain can occur for a number of reasons, but chronic discomfort… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Renal Artery Stenosis FAQs

Each of your two kidneys has two arteries that carry blood to the organs from the aorta. If one of both of these renal arteries begins to narrow, you could experience high blood pressure as well as reduced kidney function.… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Angioplasty vs Bypass Surgery

Coronary artery disease refers to the build-up of fatty deposits called plaque within the arteries, or main vessels that send blood throughout the body. This build-up will narrow the blood vessels, making it harder for blood to travel where needed.… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Foods That Hurt Heart Health

Your diet can significantly impact your well-being. Not only is it important to choose healthy foods to eat, but you should also know which foods and beverages could put your health at risk. Certain ingredients in your food could harm… - By Buckeye Heart Team


Early Signs of Heart Failure

Heart failure refers to a chronic medical condition in which the heart no longer functions properly. When your heart cannot pump effectively, blood cannot travel where it needs to in your body. This may lead to severe health risks that… - By Buckeye Heart Team


How Does Age Affect Heart Health?

You may have heard that an individual’s likelihood of a heart attack or other cardiovascular emergency will increase as they grow older. Understandably, you likely also wonder if this risk is due to age itself or another factor. The truth… - By Buckeye Heart Team