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Foods That Hurt Heart Health

Your diet can significantly impact your well-being. Not only is it important to choose healthy foods to eat, but you should also know which foods and beverages could put your health at risk. Certain ingredients in your food could harm your blood vessels, putting you in danger of a heart attack or other emergency.

You can reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems when you know which foods to limit in your diet to keep your body healthy. Read on to learn about four foods and drinks that could put your cardiovascular health at risk if consumed in abundance.

choose a healthy diet for your heart

Which Foods Are Bad for Cardiovascular Health?

Fried Food

Fried food refers to the way that food is prepared. Frying involves cooking food by submerging it in hot oil or another type of fat. Many people enjoy the tasty and crispy finish of fried chicken, French fries, and other fried foods. But the trans fats in most cooking oils can lead to cholesterol problems.

Trans fats can both increase unhealthy cholesterol in your body and reduce the good type of cholesterol. The cholesterol can then build up within the arteries, which will increase the blood pressure as blood has a narrower vessel to travel through. A blockage may also form, leading to a heart attack. So limit this type of food from your diet to steer clear of this risk.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks like sodas and artificial juices often contain high amounts of added sugar. You might already know that sugar is unhealthy, but this sweet additive can specifically lead to many cardiovascular problems.

Consuming too much sugar can cause inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation can put a strain on the heart and blood vessels, which will lead to increased blood pressure. This can put you at great risk of heart disease.

Stick to water or sugar-free beverages to reduce this risk. You may also want to skip adding a spoonful of sugar to your tea or coffee cup for further wellness benefits.


Cakes, cookies, and other pastries will often have a high sugar content. As discussed, consuming too much sugar can lead to many heart health problems. It may also heighten your risk of developing diabetes, which can further endanger your cardiovascular system.

But baked goods often also contain high amounts of butter, which will bring many saturated fats into your body. This will raise the bad cholesterol in your body, which can in turn lead to the clogging of your blood vessels and many health problems.

Limit the number of pastries in your diet to keep your heart healthy. When baking, consider altering your recipes to cut out potentially harmful ingredients like sugar and butter.

Processed Meats

Many people enjoy cured or processed meats like cold cuts, sausage, and bacon. These foods taste great and provide you with necessary proteins. But this type of meat contains high amounts of sodium. Salt helps to preserve the meat, but sodium will cause the body to retain fluid.

Fluid retention will make your blood vessels more crowded, which can heighten your blood pressure. High blood pressure will negatively impact your cardiovascular health, as mentioned. Choose fresh meat options to avoid this issue and pay attention to the sodium content in the foods that you purchase.