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Life After a Heart Attack

A heart attack is a medical emergency in which an inadequate amount of blood flows to the heart. The condition can be fatal without prompt treatment, but when a patient recovers, they could be at risk of another attack without proper care.

People can leave long and healthy lives after suffering from a heart attack, but they should follow guidelines and instructions from their medical professional. Buckeye Heart and Vascular Institute, a cardiovascular imaging and diagnostics facility in Dayton, OH, lists wellness tips for patients who have recovered from a heart attack.

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Exercise Regularly

After you suffer from a heart attack, your doctor will instruct you to rest properly in order to recover. However, they will also encourage you to participate in physical activity that encourages blood flow to your heart. Exercise improves cardiovascular health in many ways, so you should increase this type of activity without overstraining yourself in order to reduce your risk of another heart attack.

Maintain Consistent Sleep Schedule

As mentioned, rest is crucial in a patient’s recovery following a heart attack. These patients should continue to get adequate sleep, including napping if they feel tired during the day. Getting enough sleep will lower the stress on your body, including your heart.

Eat Conscientiously

The food that you consume can greatly affect your health, especially your heart. When you choose nutritious food options, you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, therefore lowering the chances of another heart attack. Doctors often recommend avoiding processed, fatty, and salty foods, as they can contribute to plaque build-up in your arteries.

Visit Your Cardiovascular Specialist

If you had a heart attack, your risk of another cardiovascular emergency increases. Though doctors recommend lifestyle changes to boost your heart health, you should also visit your cardiovascular specialist regularly to ensure your heart is working properly. They can monitor your heart’s function and prescribe exercises or medication to keep you healthy.

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