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Are Varicose Veins a Health Risk?

Varicose veins are veins that become enlarged and appear highly visible against the skin. Commonly, they form in the legs, but they may also appear in other places in your body.

While the condition may feel uncomfortable, varicose veins do not often pose a serious medical risk. Buckeye Heart and Vascular Institute, a cardiovascular treatment facility in Dayton, OH, describes how varicose veins affect your overall health.

varicose vein risks in Dayton Ohio

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins form when valves in the affected veins become damaged, often due to increased blood pressure. Blood collects in the veins, creating a bulging appearance.

This vein disease does not go away on its own, but varicose veins rarely lead to serious health complications. Usually, varicose vein treatment focuses on cosmetic enhancement and lowering patient discomfort by getting rid of these veins.

How Do They Compare to Vascular Disease?

Varicose veins ordinarily only cause mild discomfort for a patient, but sometimes untreated vein disease can lead to veins swelling or blood clots. You should visit your vascular doctor for diagnoses and potential treatment options if the veins become painful or unbearable.

Other types of vascular disease can be more dangerous. These issues can block or narrow blood vessels and increase a patient’s risk for strokes, heart attacks, or other cardiovascular concerns. Your doctor can perform tests and scans to determine if you have a vascular disease that requires medical intervention.

What Treatment Can I Expect for Varicose Veins?

While vascular disease requires long-term supervision and treatment from your doctor, varicose veins can be treated through medical procedures. Your vascular specialist can collapse, remove, or shrink damaged veins, depending on which treatment they determine will work best in your unique case.

Mild symptoms of varicose veins may only require at-home treatment methods, including leg elevation or compression stockings. Anyone may develop varicose veins during their lifetime, but maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle can lower the chances of vein enlargement.

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