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Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet

One of the best things you can do for your heart and vascular health is to follow a diet that’s designed for heart health. Buckeye Heart and Vascular Institute, a vascular doctor in Dayton, OH, highlights foods that are beneficial to a healthy heart.dayton, ohio vascular doctor

Go Low-Sodium

Salt is one of the main things you should cut back on to help your heart. This means choosing low-sodium options when they’re labeled and not adding added salt to season your food. Salt is something that raises your blood pressure. Try to keep your intake under 2,300 milligrams a day. Even better is keeping it under 1,500 milligrams to really get your blood pressure lower.

Limit Added Sugars, Saturated Fat, and Trans Fat

These things are all troublesome for your cholesterol. Natural sugars in products like fruits and vegetables don’t do as much harm as added sugars. Replace saturated and trans fats with healthier fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fats are a necessary part of our diet and it’s important that we have them. But the necessary ones are the healthier ones that help to fuel our bodies.

Eat Skinless Fish and Poultry

Red meats should be avoided as much as possible for your health. If you do choose to consume them, make sure you’re always getting the leanest cuts possible. For red meat, as well as fish and poultry, prepare them in healthy ways that don’t involve added fats. Grilling is a great way to get all the flavor you want, without sacrificing healthy choices.

For fish and poultry, make sure they’re both skinless. Keeping the skin on adds added calories and saturated fat that you should be avoiding. Try to eat fish at least twice a week. Look for fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, as they lessen your risk of heart disease. Salmon, trout, and herring are all good examples.

Consume Whole Grains and Low-Fat Dairy

Fiber-rich whole grains should be the source of most of your grains throughout the day. Dietary fiber is good for your cholesterol and can help prevent heart disease and stroke. While dairy is good for many parts of your body, make sure you’re choosing fat-free or low-fat options. You should avoid the extra milkfat in options like whole milk.

Alcohol Only in Moderation

If you consume alcohol, you should definitely limit your intake. Only drink in moderation. Moderation actually has a specific value assigned to it. If you’re a male, have no more than two drinks per day. For females, this number should be only once a day.

Heart Health With Your Dayton, Ohio Vascular Doctor

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